Textile Creator, she has designed a special collection for Dar Sabri.

This Tunisian designer is breathing new life into an old skill from which she extracts the essence. Her expertise in weaving and color lead her to work on the irregularity in the material, its porosity, its feel and the vibrancy of the color. The wool is spun and then woven by hand. Her woven textiles have attracted the designers of large Parisian stores, the Hermès window displays, the design galleries and the experts at Unesco. Dar Sabri recommends her rugs and blankets, each a unique piece.

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The artist and creator of hand-blown glass objects, standard lamps and candlesticks.

Sadika Keskes is a master glass-blower and visual artist recognised throughout the world for her numerous works, creations and exhibitions. In order to perpetuate a skill which dates back to the 14th century, Sadika creates, in her own workshop, hand-blown glass objects which are combined with iron, silver, brass and even wood. Today, she is developing a wide range of decorative objects, lamps and tableware, some superb examples of which can be found at Dar Sabri.

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Tableware designer for the company Bel Art

A Chilean fashion designer, known and recognised throughout the design world, has teamed up with a Tunisian producer of stoneware pottery, Ali Ridha Belajouza. A prolific alliance for a luxury collection. Comprising curves and softness, Nelson's black or translucent poetic creations are always in very pure shapes inspired by nature. His tableware brings character and harmony to the tables at Dar Sabri.

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A painter, she has given her first name to one of the suites at Dar Sabri

She works primarily in acrylic, experimenting with the effects of collage and décollage in mixed techniques. A colourful introspection work. Beautiful wall paintings for the contemporary Ymen suite.

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A master-embroiderer with creations that have travelled the world

Her stunning sheets, embroidered in Nabeul needlework, on backings made of silk (el-Hrir), wool (el-Hayek), cotton (el-Karya) or linen (el-Kamraya), decorated with delicate, exquisite, delicate open-work embroidery (el-Tayyal), are wonderful. This master-embroiderer has managed to innovate by diversifying the colors of the DMC thread and by playing on the pinks, the beiges and the greys. These embroidered sheets enhance the beds at Dar Sabri.

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